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Every person who wants to go fresh water fishing or game bird hunting in New Zealand must first purchase a licence. The licence fees are primarily charged to cover the cost of managing the fish and birds and the habitat they depend on.

Purchase License

Backcountry Licence Endorsements

Please read the following information and click the link below to apply for your Backcountry Endorsement.

Controlled Fishery Licences

The aim of a Controlled Fishery is to manage angling pressure with the desired outcome to preserve a high quality angling and wilderness experience.

Fishing Licence Info

Your licence is a permit to fish for sports fish in accordance with the regulations governing the Fish & Game New Zealand region in which you are fishing.

Non-Resident Licences

If you are a visitor from overseas planning more than a brief fishing trip, you must buy a Non-Resident Licence (NRL).

Hunting Licence Info

Fish & Game's game bird hunting licences are valid for use throughout New Zealand (except in the Chatham Islands).

Species Requiring A Licence

You need a Fish & Game licence to fish or hunt the following species in New Zealand.


Fish & Game NZ provides regulations for gamebird hunting and fishing throughout New Zealand (except Taupo, where fishing is administered by DOC).