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OECD Report on New Zealand Environment a ‘Wake Up Call’ - Fish & Game

The Government is being urged to heed the just-released OECD report on New Zealand’s environmental performance, with Fish & Game saying the report is a timely wake up call.

Claim your game bird hunting spot!

Fish & Game is reminding game bird hunters to stake their claim for their favourite maimai or duck shooting stand before the start of the new hunting season now only weeks away (Saturday, 6 May, 2017).

Riuwaka Trout Population Boosted

Trout flying bright green streamers were released into the Riuwaka River Yesterday.

The wait is over – game bird licences are now on sale

The opportunity to bag a duck, pheasant or quail for the family table is drawing nearer, with game bird hunting licences for the 2017 season going on sale today.

Do your bit to help protect wildlife habitat – buy a game bird licence

New Zealanders are being urged to do their bit to protect some of the country’s most important environmental areas by buying the latest Fish & Game habitat stamp.

F&G Criticises Overseas Investment Office Hunter Valley Decision as ‘Extraordinary’


The Otago Fish and Game Council is critical of the Overseas Investment Office decision on the sale of the Hunter Valley Station to a foreign buyer, describing it as “extraordinary” and gives the whole process a bad name.

Trout Population Gets a Boost with Upcoming Releases

Fish & Game are about to commence a number of fishery enhancement releases over the coming month, including a Trust Power release of 400 adult rainbow trout into the Branch/Leatham Rivers.

Conditions looking good for this weekend’s Waimakariri salmon fishing competition

Following on from last weekend’s Rakaia Salmon Fishing Competition, anglers will have the chance to try their luck on the Waimakariri River this weekend.

Welcome to the future – popular family swimming spot dries up

It is with much sadness that Fish & Game announces that the Selwyn River at Coes Ford, has completely dried up.

We're waiting too long for clean water

The government is being criticised for not being ambitious enough in its just-announced plan to improve water quality in the country’s rivers, lakes and streams.