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West Coast Hunting News June 11

Opening weekend figures from our telephone survey indicate hunter success was a little less than last year.

Auckland/Waikato Hunting News June 11

From our phone surveys and also our ranger-hunter contacts, not to mention our own staff being "out there, doing it", it's clear that for much of the lower lying part of our region it's been a slow grind in the latter part of the mallard season.

North Canterbury Hunting News June 11

The two day pheasant season fell this year on the 4th and 5th of June, and by all accounts was a successful one.

Eastern Hunting News June 11

With mallard hunting season in the Eastern region ending on July 3rd the usual factors are critical to bag some birds for the final few days of the season

Otago Hunting News: June 11

Here’s a few tips to bag a few mid season ducks and make the best use of your licence.

Northland Hunting News June 11

The Northland Region mallard and grey duck hunting season is approaching closure for 2011 with the final day for dabbling ducks ending on 3rd July.

Nelson/Marlborough Hunting News June 11

500 Plus Geese Taken In Last Canada Goose Hunt

Media Release: NZ must brace for 1m more cows

The future for New Zealand’s already ailing waterways looks murkier as a $435 million irrigation package potentially paves the way for 1 million more cows.

West Coast Hunting News May 11

Fish & Game rangers report that opening weekend on the ‘coast was a raging success.

Nelson/Marlborough Hunting News May 11

Hunter feedback indicates that the level of hunting now undertaken on opening day in some areas of the region is well down on historic levels.