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Volunteers join in Canterbury fish rescue

Fish & Game staff and volunteers have spent three days salvaging fish from the Amuri Irrigation scheme canals near Culverden, North Canterbury.

‘Great weekend' to try trout fishing on Rotorua lakes

With fine weather forecast, holidaymakers heading for Rotorua are reminded that it’s a great time to have a go at trout fishing on the Rotorua lakes, says Fish & Game.

Duck callers ‘squawk it out’ in the calling champs

There was so much squawking you could be forgiven for thinking that a flock of ducks had taken up refuge inside the Springston Hotel in Canterbury  on Saturday night.

Shoreline fishing revs up with winter’s spawning runs

Shoreline fishing is beginning to fire up on the Rotorua lakes, as wintry weather prompts trout into their spawning runs.

The shoreline fishing has picked-up with falling temperatures and rainfall finally having an effect on spawning trout movements, says Fish & Game.

Taxpayers Still Cleaning Up After Polluters

The government’s announcement of a $100 million dollar fund to clean up the country’s increasing number of degraded rivers and lakes shows taxpayers are continuing to pay for polluters, according to the environmental organisation Fish & Game.

World Fish Migration Day a success

Dozens of Canterbury School Children have had a fun filled day at Opawa School in Christchurch getting a hands-on experience of what fish have to go through as they migrate up and down our rivers.

Jail term hits home ‘strong message’ to would be poachers

Fish & Game says the jailing of a second man in a large-scale poaching case – sends a strong message that trout poaching is taken seriously by the courts and would-be poachers need to “take note.”

Fish & Game calls for Ecan to lift performance on protecting waterways

Fish & Game says it’s high time that Environment Canterbury (Ecan) met its obligations to the region’s ratepayers – after failing dismally to provide effective responses to many reports of cattle damaging waterways.

Stranded fish rescued after the Ashley River dries up

North Canterbury Fish & Game staff have rescued more than 40 fish in a fish salvage operation in the Ashley River.

Thousands revel in opening day’s hunting in spite of Indian summer conditions

Tens of thousands of hunters have turned out countrywide for the opening of the new game bird hunting season.