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Get your maimai ready

Published on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 11:30

Some basic steps taken now in advance of the hunting season can make a real difference to how many birds you bag.

The committed hunter who returns to the same hunting sites year after year, will have turned up several times since last season and carried out some basic preparation work on the ponds.

You’ll have let the farmer know that your dogs have been wormed and they’re up to date with their vet visits.

Don’t turn up the week before duck shooting for a chat – you should be doing this now.

Early April is a good month to finish doing maintenance on your maimai, or the likes of an access style across the fence.

If the pond is dominated by Raupo, cut the plants at their base and use them to cover the maimai for some fresh, natural-looking camouflage.

Make sure your maimai is up to standard. The most important areas are the floor and front of the hide.

Marine-grade ply is a better bet than pallets for flooring, and good iron should be used for the walls and roof.

Once your “prep work” is done on site, go away and leave it undisturbed as much as possible after pegging day (April 5 2015).

You can find more tips on prepping your maimai here.