In numerous surveys we have done it has been identified that the thrill of fishing is not just about catching a fish. It gives us space to escape the daily pressures we face.

While catching fish is clearly a motivator, the calming effects of being close to water and active in the great New Zealand outdoors is hugely beneficial for our mental health.


Don't forget your licence!



Mental Health Foundation



Connecting with others or simply with the outdoors can recharge us. Fishing is such a good thing given it can be done with others or alone. Whatever suits you best, take some time to invest in your wellbeing.



Give yourself a break. Take some time for you. One of the most easily neglected things is our own wellbeing. We can give and give until the tank runs dry but taking time to fill our emotional tank will be time well spent.


3Take Notice

If you are an angler but have become too busy recently, maybe it is time to remember how good it felt the last time you were fishing. 


4Keep Learning

New experiences are excellent for mental health. Different things to think about create good distractions. New skills are a real plus for building self-worth and a positive influencer of good mental health. Give fishing a go - you might be surprised just how therapeutic it can be.


5Be Active

We know that physical wellbeing and positive mental health are closely related. Being out, close to the water is good for us. What makes fishing so good is that you can make it as active as you want, a low-impact fish or an all-day push. It's you call.


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Our Mental Health is a Priority


Get fishing!

You will need one of these and there are 9 different licences from one day through to the whole year. The best value will always be the whole season, as it allows you to fish whenever you want.

You will need to sign your licence and carry it with you at all times when fishing. Stick to the rules and have a great time.



Important information


There are a few things to know before you head out. Fishing for trout in New Zealand is regulated by Fish & Game and there are some things you can and can't do while fishing, so a scan of the regulations is advised. You may get one of these booklets with your licence or click on the one you want to download below to get a PDF.

Fish & Game have a number of rangers which you may meet while out fishing and you will need to produce your licence on request. Many of our rangers are anglers too, so make sure you get some tips from them.

Latest regulations - Please select here