Reel Life August 2019

  • 20/08/2019

Reel Life August 2019

Photo Caption: Weesang Paaka with a tagged trout in the Branch Catchment in the Nelson/Marlborough Fish & Game region-Photo Jacob Lucas NMFG

The countdown is on, only a month before the new fishing season starts and all off those waterways that have been off limits open up.

This months Reel Life is filled with tips and tricks that will whet your appetite for the coming season.

Also filled with tips and tricks is the Fishing Edition of the Fish & Game Magazine, which will start hitting licence holders letterboxes from Monday.

Those of you who are game bird hunters will have already had a look at the new refreshed magazine but for those who only are anglers this will be your first look at the new magazine.

There is an expended Regional Voice section in the magazine where you can check up on all the work that Fish & Game does around the country on your behalf.

This season across the board we’re picking there’ll be more larger fish and some of those will be potential giants. 

This prediction is based the largest beech seeding event in forty years having occurred last autumn.

Such an event results in plagues of rodents because of an abundance of food and, as we all know, trout love to eat mice and rats that find their way into the water – it enables the fish to put on size very, very quickly! 


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For those of you in the Wellington, North Canterbury and Central South Island Regions, you can sign up to the weekly fishing reports those regions produce throughout the season.

With these reports you’ve got the ultimate fishing intel delivered to your email inbox every Thursday click here to sign up.

Simply put, it’s the best information available to plan your weekend fishing mission and make it a success.

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