Chris Dore Fishing Report for Reel Life August 2018

  • 30/08/2018

Southern Openings

So the new season is but weeks away…Dore Aug

A decent winter in the south has left a reasonable snow pack and aquifers topped up, however with a warm spring in the forecast, how long this will maintain river levels is anyone’s guess.

As always, the small streams of the south produce well in October and are my go-to for fun, springtime fishing. Early season hatches can occur on the more pleasant afternoons and the lower Mataura is a hard place to beat for getting back into the groove following a winter off.

However don’t overlook our estuaries. With whitebait running and smelt putting in an appearance many trout will drop back to the tidal zones to take advantage of this smorgasbord, and combined with fresh runners can be a fun way to spend a day. Sinking lines, quick loading shooting heads, smelt, rabbit and matuka-style streamers and heavy fluro to absorb the often savage takes make a change from the size 18’s and 5x you may be turning to the next trip up river.

Dore 2 accessIt pays to check the regulations early season as not all streams open in October, and in some cases, certain sections may open at a later date than others. Make sure you’re fishing where you should be.

Early season checklist:

Are your flies in good condition, organised and the hooks in good shape? Do you have all the bases covered remembering sizes, weights and patterns will often differ in October from the last time you probably had your box open.

  • Start fresh with leaders and tippet. Modern nylon has a longer lifespan than material of old and UV, and water resistant packaging prolongs shelf life. However will that half full spool be enough for your opening weekend expedition and how much can you trust last seasons leader... it was only fished a couple of days right? Hmm...
  • Check your floatants and desiccant. How are the levels and does that powder still have enough life in it?
  • Nippers, forceps and zingers. Are they sharp and serviceable?
  • Check the laces in your wading boots. After a winter just sitting there you dont want them to break as you pull them tight. Likewise check your waders for leaks and the clips are all working. Maybe recondition your goretex jacket with revivex to rejuvenate wear from pack straps and the like.
  • Clean and dress your flyline. This is a given.
  • Finally, get out there and cast... You still have time to get in a few short, 10 minute accuracy sessions and a bit of practise with heavier, early season nymphs to get in shape for the big day. You’ve been looking forward to this trip for months now. It would suck if you werent up to the task.

Get out there and enjoy the 2018-9 season. See you on the stream.

 Chris Dore

Queenstown, NZ

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