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  • 19/10/2023

Fishing tips for the Long Weekend

There’s lots of fishing opportunities this labour weekend.

We recommend that Labour Weekend holiday-makers head out fishing this weekend, trout numbers looking promising on the back of a wet winter and recent warmer weather.

Trout are feeding well as they try and regain condition after a successful spawning season.

While the weather always plays a role in determining fishing success, the current forecast for the weekend looks like there will be plenty of opportunities to get out for a fish some time over the holiday weekend.

The forecast is for sunny skies over much of the country for Labour Weekend - perfect timing with the long weekend affording an extra day for trout and salmon anglers to indulge in their passion.

The long weekend is perfect for anglers wanting to get out and reconnect with nature or Kiwis wanting to have a go at freshwater fishing.

Take a mate fishing for the long weekend

A stunning rainbow trout. Credit: Jack Ogden - Taranaki.

Die hard full season licence holders might not be aware that there is a special long weekend licence available, this offers you the opportunity to take new anglers fishing so they can try freshwater fishing.

The short break category allows people to fish for three consecutive days, which is a great option for people new to angling or just going away for the long weekend.

Your Regulations Book is Your Passport to Adventure!

The Regulation booklet you receive with your licence, or available here, is a great guide if you are looking for somewhere new to try.

Needless to say, if a waterway is listed in the regulation booklet, then it is a decent fishery.

Tips for beginners

If you need help with information for newbie anglers, or just want to brush up your skills, then click here for our 'getting started' section of our website.

We also have a great bunch of helpful videos on our Fish & Game YouTube channel to help anglers improve their chances of success.

The Team at Fish & Game NZ

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