Will Spry Fishing Report Apr 2017

  • 27/04/2017

Winding down from the season, there are still plenty of good opportunities to wet a line in the Mackenzie District. With all the hydro canals open all year, the banks will still be lined with anglers over the colder months as well.  However, winter is a great time to have a bit of a tidy up of both your own tackle, preparing for a rigorous season ahead, but also an excellent time to help clean up after others who might not have been as conscientious as yourself and left plenty of mess behind on the canals.  The last weekend in May has been set aside as a “canal clean up day” and all those who fish the canals are encouraged to come on up to town and do their bit to ensure the canals are kept clean and tidy for all to enjoy,  and not be swamped in wasted fishing gear, and rubbish.

The larger high country lakes are all open throughout the season in the Mackenzie District,  with Lake Alexandrina blessed with a winter fishing season as well for a couple of months – again good opportunities for the hardy anglers among you.  Finally, for those who can’t get enough stream fishing, there is a small pocket of the Tekapo River open all year, from Lake Benmore to the power lines around one kilometre upstream of the lake.  Following a recent Meridian spill from Lake Pukaki, the river bed is currently mostly didymo free, so it should hold a few fish as they migrate up the river for spawning.

Finally, do take the time at the end of the season to look after your tackle, to ensure that it’s ready to go at the start of the season – wipe down rods and reels, check your line, inspect lures and other terminal tackle for damage and repair - or discard any that is looking a bit worse for wear.  If you have protective packaging for your rods and reels, use it and store them away safely if they’re not going to be used for some time. You might want to patch your waders as well if you have them – like mine, they’re probably starting to show a bit of wear and tear at the end of the season – why not start the new season off with dry feet!

Will Spry


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