Will Spry Fishing Report for Reel Life Jan 2018

  • 29/01/2018

Will Spry Fishing Report for Reel Life Jan 2018

Mackenzie Country Report                           

The heat of summer is upon us all now and the fish are no exception.  So what are some good strategies for fishing the summer months?

Some observations need to be made.  Where is the coolest water most likely to be and how will the fish be responding?  In the slower, smaller streams, shallow slow water will be quite warm and uncomfortable for fish to live in.  Find the deeper and shaded pools of water which will tend to keep the fish in their “happy place”.  A shaded bank or otherwise will be a great holding area as well. 

This is all well and good for the low country rivers, but generally, the high country rivers are still running cool with the last of the snowmelt coming down off the mountains.  However, a boost of  spring fed stream into the main stream is also a haven for trout on a sunny day (or the spring-fed stream itself!).  The high country streams may be your best bet for active fish over the hottest days.

This is a double bonus for us as anglers as the cicadas will be out and about in good numbers on the hotter days as well.  A gentle breeze will probably send a few out of the grasses and into the water as well.  So grease up your cicadas and get them floating high and dry.  Particularly into those deeper waters, where they will rocket up to the surface from the cool water deep down and snuffle up a dry fly or cicada.  Don’t forget the grassy banks where the fish tend to prefer a bit of shade in the shallows as well, as they will usually give up their hidey holes to charge out onto a dry fly.  Even bad casts get the goods often, so if your imitation is not where you think it should be, let it lie and watch the fun begin!

The high country lakes are all in good shape and there is some excellent fishing in all of them currently.  If you are in need of a feed of fish, a few hours spent working a lake shore, or working from a boat is sure to produce fish, which are in good condition and full of vigour. 

A steady supplier of good water flows is the Waitaki River, which although tougher to access for foot anglers, with a little exploring it holds some excellent fish currently and is well worth a visit with your boat, or even by foot where you can access it.  But river flows are highly changeable due to power demands on hot days, so do take extra care if fishing from the shore.

Enjoy the summer and remember to be thoughtful to your fellow anglers by respecting their space and taking your rubbish with you.

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