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Controlled Fishery Licences

The aim of a Controlled Fishery is to manage angling pressure with the desired outcome to preserve a high quality angling and wilderness experience. A Controlled Fishery Licence allows backcountry anglers to book a reach of river or ‘beat’ for a specified period.

A Controlled Fishery Licence is received in the form of a’ booking confirmation receipt’ sent via the online booking system once a booking is confirmed. This receipt should be carried at all times when fishing within the Controlled Fishery and produced if requested by Fish and Game staff.

In order to obtain a Controlled Fishery Licence, you must book on-line and already have a qualifying Whole Season Sports Fishing Licence and a Backcountry Endorsement for that region. 

Otago Region

In the Otago region a Controlled Fishery Booking is required to fish on the Upper Greenstone River (and its tributary streams) during the period from 1 February to 31 March.

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Southland Region

In the Southland region a Controlled Fishery booking is required to fish the Ettrick Burn during the period between1 November and 31 May.

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