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About NZ Council

The New Zealand Government expects Fish & Game New Zealand to properly look after fish and game management and to oversee the effective management of the country’s sports fish and game resources carried out by 12 regions. To do this the Fish & Game New Zealand Council has a number of formal statutory powers, but the need for the whole organisation to work co-operatively in the interests of anglers and hunters is just as important.

The Fish & Game New Zealand Council is not some separate being – in many ways it is a creature of the regions. Every one of the 12 New Zealand Councillors is nominated by their own region. The councillors are not just representatives of their region (as they have to take a national overview in their deliberations), and are expected to be the main link between the New Zealand Council and the regions.

2016 NZ Council Meeting Dates:

  • Friday 18 - Sunday 20 March – Otago away meeting
  • Friday 20 May - Wellington
  • Friday 22 – Saturday 23 July - Wellington
  • Friday 23 September - Wellington
  • Friday 25 – Sunday 27 November – Northland away meeting

> Click here to view recent meeting agendas, minutes and annual reports

Council Functions

The role of the Fish & Game NZ Council, in consultation with Fish & Game Regional Councils, is to develop national policies relating to the management and conservation of sports fish and game.


Every one of the 12 New Zealand Councillors is nominated by their own region.

Council Staff

The New Zealand Council employs its own staff to implement the outcomes adopted by the New Zealand Council, to provide independent advice to it and ensure statutory requirements are complied with.

Council Downloads

Use the links on this page to download recent meeting agendas and minutes as well as annual reports from the New Zealand Fish & Game Council.

Council News & Features

This section contains news related to the New Zealand Fish & Game Council, as well as news on game bird and freshwater fish management, hunting and fishing and habitat conservation in NZ.


In this section you will find information about the legislation controlling fishing and hunting in New Zealand and Fish & Game councils.