Please send in your band details only - keep your band!

If you've successfully harvested a duck with a band on its leg, we need your help.

This information is crucial to our research - so please provide as much detail as possible. This is for our records only.  

You can fill out our form below and submit it, or post your band details (not band) to:

Fish & Game, Private Bag 3010, Rotorua 3046
Or the National Banding Office, PO Box 108, Wellington 6140

(Send in your band details before August 31, and you'll go in the Banding Together draw , Hunting & Fishing NZ in association with Banded Avery are generously providing five prizes consisting of two boxes of Banded XD (extra detail) decoys. This includes one box of mallards and one box of NZ shoveler decoys.)

Location of where shot (locations will not be shared with public):

If more than one location please create new entry.

Band numbers for the above location

If more then one location please fill in a separate entry

Please place dash between prefix and number eg 27-123456