Wherever you go in New Zealand - North or South inland or near the coast - you are likely to be close to some pretty good fresh water fishing.

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Regional info

Select a region to find comprehensive freshwater fishing information specific to that region's lakes, rivers, creeks and streams.

River flow & lake info

Depending on season, weather, and often the tide, rivers and streams across New Zealand can fluctuate drastically in depth and flow.

Park & Cast

Many fine fishing spots are right under your nose...

Rivers and lakes, even small streams are all likely to hold trout. Carry a rod in the car to make the most of the opportunities you drive past frequently.

You can stand idly on the river bank, wade into the river or lake, or you can fish atop the lake; trolling from your boat or perched in a float tube, pontoon boat or kayak.

The weather conditions rarely matter either – in fact rain is often believed to get the fish moving and feeding. If crossing rivers or using a boat you should check weather conditions before heading out.

For more information about fishing locations and access, select a spot from the map or click the Fish & Game region map for more specific info relating to that region. 

Get out there and make the most of some of the best trout fishing in the world.