The Eastern Region runs from Wairoa in the south, across to the Rangitaiki River headwaters and up through Huka Falls and Lake Maraetai on the Waikato River.

Forest Access

Rotorua is surrounded by several privately owned plantation forests and good seasonal fishing and hunting is available.

Lake Okataina

Gold Clam situation

New opening times:

Fri to Mon 6am to 8pm until 29th April

Fri to Sun 7am to 6pm from 30th April to 30 June (closing of the season)

All subject to current Check, Clean Dry requirements.

Boats can stay on the water over night during the access days.

Access: based on using wash station, Wash Place on Te Ngae road prior to each visit, unless boat stays on water over night or at the lake and does not leave the vicinity, otherwise to access, proof of using the wash station will be needed again.

The below link is a general link of updates for all lakes FYI:

Freshwater gold clam | Rotorua Lakes

Angler Diaries

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The region continues along the Kaimai ranges to finally reach its northernmost point at the top of Tauranga Harbour. The region offers a huge range of fishing opportunities.

Te Urewera National Park, in the east of the region, provides spectacular wilderness fishing in both lakes and rivers. Lake Waikaremoana has exceptional summer fisheries for brown trout along the shoreline and rainbow trout for boat anglers. Spawning runs in the autumn also provide opportunities for fly fishing in the later part of the season. World renowned wilderness fishing can be experienced in rivers such as the Ruakituri and neighbouring Waiau River, which has one of the highest catch rates of these mountain rivers.

The Bay of Plenty has a large number of spectacular river fisheries from the Waioeka River in the east, through the Rangitaiki, Tarawera and Kaituna catchments to the Ngamuwahine River in the west. These rivers have excellent fly and spin fishing only a few hours drive apart. Lakes such as Aniwhenua also provide excellent family fishing experiences and great shoreline angling.

The Rotorua lakes are the region's central feature providing a diverse range of experiences. With 13 fishable lakes in the district, and four different trout species, there are a range of boat and shoreline fishing opportunities, enough to interest any angler. Both shoreline fly and spin fishing can be very successful, and boat fishing over the summer provides action and fun for all the family.

Lake Rotorua has one of the highest catch rates in New Zealand, with excellent boat and winter stream fishing for rainbows, while some monster browns entice those looking for larger fish. Lake Okareka also keeps anglers busy with high numbers of good quality trout catchable throughout the year. The trophy lakes - Tarawera, Otakaina and Rotoiti - regularly produce fish weighing over 5kg. Anglers wanting to get away from the crowds should find lakes Rotoma and Rotoehu to their liking. Lakes Rotomahana and Tikitapu also have their own special charm and local devotees, while Lake Rerewhakaaitu attracts shore-based anglers with good numbers of quality fish. The opportunity to catch tiger trout at Lake Rotoma, and brook char in Tikitapu, are an added bonus. Smaller lakes such as Okaro, Ngahewa and Ngapouri with secluded bays and rising trout attract the more adventurous who want to get off the beaten track.

Access & Signage Programme:

An intensive signage and tracking programme has been undertaken in conjunction with the angler access information brochures we have produced, to profile fishing areas throughout the region. Angler tracks have been created on more popular waterways like the Ngongotaha Stream and in the Rangitaiki catchment. We urge anglers to keep an eye out for our access signs throughout the region to take advantage of the great number of special areas that are available.

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