We want to help you

Fish & Game New Zealand, a statutory body, has been at the forefront of protecting, developing and managing wetlands on both public and private land, including Wildlife Management Reserves for , primarily, waterfowl gamebirds and hunting. Wetlands are finite and under constant threat of destruction.

There are huge opportunities, particularly on private land, to create, enhance or develop more wetlands. These wetlands will benefit not only gamebirds but all creatures and plants dependent upon that habitat to survive.

We appreciate that you have a deep affinity with the land and recognise the potential the 'swampy bottom paddock' may have as a wetland, although you may be unsure how to actually go about it. We do and our services are free. Give your local region a call - select here to go to regional information.

Want a hand developing a wetland?

Through a range of free services, we can assist you to turn that swampy area into an asset that is both pleasant to look at and of unbelievable importance to all plants, birds and animals dependent upon a healthy wetland environment.

Farm asset

In addition to the environment and ecological advantages, wetlands provide nutrient run-off filtering, slow flood water pulses and storage for stock water. Once the plants mature, wetlands - and their inhabitants - are a visual delight.


Don't be disheartened by thoughts of exorbitant costs. We can provide options that cater to your budget and for large proposals we have an excellent track record in obtaining funding from the many external funding providers. We will guide you with the preparation of comprehensive applications for funding assistance.

Does size matter?

No, but the bigger the better. We will look at any potential wetland site offer free advice. For wetlands approaching 2ha or larger we pull out all the stops to help it become a reality, including seeking external funding to assist with development costs.

Any catches?

No, while our underlaying interest is in providing additional habitat for waterfowl gamebirds, there is no requirement that the wetland be available for hinting by you or the public. The wetland need not be covenanted, but should you wish your investment to be a legacy to the future, we will assist with gaining the appropriate level of legal protection.

What's involved?

At your invitation, and at no cost to you, we offer the following services. The level of services offered varies with the size and scale of the wetland.

  • Evaluate your site for wetland potential through a ground survey.
  • Recommend wetland designs based on excavation, dam or weir walls, embankments and water budgets.
  • Recommend fencing options.
  • Recommend, and source, appropriate planting.
  • Provide an 'all up' costing, broken down into various development stages.
  • Where possible, design the wetland to comply with tour local district and regional council 'permitted activity' rules, so resource consents are not necessary.
  • Assist with any required resource consent applications, if necessary, and support your application at any hearing.
  • Source funding for development.
  • Manage the entire development programme for you.
  • Develop pest control, and wetland management, strategies.