Licence Required

Tench are classed as a coarse fish and are usually caught on baits, either worms or prepared baits of bread dough, or even kernels of corn.

Tench are found in slow, often deep waters and are well known for their ability to survive in poorly oxygenated water where other fish would die. They are a deep bodied muscular fish and are very strong swimmers when they are caught on rod and line.

Tench Hamish

Usually tench are a dark olive or smaller fish are brown to a brassy tan colouration. They have a distinct brick red eye.

In the winter time, tench hibernate in the mud at the bottom of deep pools.

The tench in its country of origin (UK) is known as the “doctor fish”. There is a superstitious belief that the slime or mucus of the tench has healing qualities and that sick or injured fish have been observed rubbing against them.

To catch a tench is quite a challenge as they can be very particular when accepting a baited hook. A float is usually employed to present the bait, often the area to be fished is pre baited to bring tench within casting distance of the angler.