Hold good numbers of ducks however most available sites marked up. Worth visiting later in the season when hunting pressure declines considerably. No powerboats are allowed on these lakes apart from Kainui.

 Access Points

  1. Lake Are Are
    33 hectares of open water with legal access via 2 unformed paper roads off Ormsby Road. Hunter parking at end of Ormsby Road.  Also, hunter access and off-road parking off Driver Road. Legal foot access around entire lake margin or negotiated access through private land. DoC permit required.
  2. Lake B
    Crown owned lake some 15 hectares in size with 40 hectares of associated wetlands. Access available off Bankier Road but requires landowner permission. DoC permit required.
  3. Lake D (Kainui)
    25 hectares of open water. Foot access from Lake Road or private access via adjoining landowners.  Legal foot access around whole margin of lake.
  4. Lake Rotokauri
    143 hectares.  Access by two unformed legal roads across farmland, one from Exelby Road to north, the other from Bunyard Road to south.  Hunting access controlled by local Fish & Game User Group who manage hunting on the lake and can be contacted via Fish & Game office by interested hunters. DoC permit required.
  5. Lake Pikopiko, Lake C, Lake A and Lake Hotoananga (Magazine Lake)
    Private access available to these small lakes - landowner permission required. DoC permit required.
  6. Lake E (Hurrell's Lake)
    Public access available to lake but half has wildlife refuge status and the remaining is in private ownership. 

 Hamilton Lakes g

  • Hamilton lakes
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