The 30ha Takitakitoa Wetland offers five permanent maimais. Game bird hunting is by permit only. Hunting stands and permits are allocated via ballot to novice and junior hunters for the first nine days of the season. Other hunters may obtain permits to access the wetland during the rest of the season. Pegging of hunting stands at Takitakitoa is not permitted.

Takitakitoa Wetland is at the end of Takitakitoa Rd, off Otokia-Kuri Bush Rd, about 40 minutes’ drive south of Dunedin. Game bird hunting is permitted only on weekends. Vehicle access is via a locked gate. The Fish & Game-owned wetland is bordered by a City Forests Ltd operational area.

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The wetland was restored by Fish & Game in 2016 with funding from the Game Bird Habitat Trust.

To apply for a ballot, [click here].

To apply for a permit after the second weekend, [click here].