This guide is intended to help anglers find holiday destinations that include fishing in our region. If you are looking for more detailed fishing information on Auckland/Waikato Rivers check out Nigel Juby's 45 challenge blog.  

Planning out your trip before you go is a great way to make your fishing trip go smoothly. We recommend checking out public access locations on the Auckland/Waikato Fishing Spots map at the bottom of the Fishing Locations and Access page. The Walking Access New Zealand Hunting and Fishing Map is another great resource for finding public access points.

To simplify things, we have used the following symbols to indicate the activities available at each site:

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1 - Upper Mangatawhiri Campground

Coromandel Peninsula and Kaimai Range

2 - Kahikatea/Shag Stream DOC Campsites
3 - Dickey Flat DOC Campsite
4  - Waitawheta DOC Hut

Waipa Tributaries and Waikato River Hydro Lakes

5 - Kaniwhaniwha Campsite
6 - Lake Ngaroto
7/8 - Little Waipa Reserve/Jones Landing
9 - Bulmer Landing
10 - DOC's Arohena Campsite

West Coast

11 - Tawarau River/Mangaohae Stream
12 - Leitchs Hut
13 - Struan Farm 

Whanganui Headwaters

14 - Blackfern Lodge
15 - Piropiro Camping Ground
16 - Taumarunui Holiday Park
17 - Kakahi Adventure Lodge
18 - Rua Awa Lodge
19 - Go Bush Wilderness Adventures
20 - 42 Traverse Mountain Bike Trail
21 - Forest Lodge
22 - The Old Post Office Lodge


1. Upper Mangatawhiri Campground

The Upper Mangatawhiri campground is sited just below the Upper Mangatawhiri Reservoir. Access can be difficult for caravans due to the steep gravel road but non- powered camping sites can be booked on the Auckland Regional Council website.  Spin and fly fishing are permitted from the dam face but anglers need to walk a short distance from a locked gate to the dam. There are also plenty of hiking and mountain bike trails available in the park.

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Upper Mangatawhiri4


Coromandel Peninsula and Kaimai Range

Top Rivers: Ohinemuri, Waitawheta, Kauaeranga

None of the Coromandel streams are destination trout streams on there own but they all have fish and are a great activity when visiting the Coromandel to hike, camp or bike. The biggest mistake travelling anglers make in the northern part of the Auckland/Waikato Region is expecting fish to bite mid-summer in warm streams. Most of the lower elevation rivers in this area fish best before December.  To find fish during mid-summer (Dec-Apr) you will need to find shaded higher elevation streams like the upper Waitawheta.

2. Kahikatea/DOC Campsite

Kahikatea Campsite and Shag Stream DOC camp sites sit along the Kauaeranga River with the Kahikatea Camp offering powered sites.  The Kauaeranga River is open to spin and fly fishing with ample road access to fishing sites. There are several short walks and hikes in the valley with good swimming holes to explore if you get tired of fishing.  The Hotoritori mountain bike trails are also located off Kauaeranga Valley Road past the visitor centre.

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3. Dickey Flat DOC Camp Site

The Dickey Flat DOC camp site sits along the Waitawheta River and offers non-powered tent and RV camp sites.  The camp has great access to the river with good fishing, swimming and hiking nearby. There are hiking tracks leading both up and downstream from the camp with lots of fishing water. The Karangahake gorge is just down the road with the Hauraki Rail Trail for those who like to bike and fish. 

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Dickey Flat5

4. Waitawheta DOC Hut

The Waitawheta DOC Hut is reached via a 3-4 hour walk along the Waitawheta Tramway Track. Vehicle access and parking for this track are at the end of Franklin Road. For a shorter hike the Day’s Clearing Hut is a 1-3 hour walk but only about half the trip is along the river.  The Waitawheta is open to both spinner and fly fishing with plenty of water to fish on the hike in. 

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Waipa Tributaries and Waikato River Hydro Lakes

Top Rivers: Kaniwhaniwha, Waipa, Puniu, Mangatutu, Waipapa  
Hydro Lakes: Lake Karapiro, Arapuni and Waipapa

5. Kaniwhaniwha Campsite

Kaniwhaniwha Campsite is a relatively easy 2.5km hike upstream from the Limeworks Loop Road car park.  The DOC trail leading to the camp runs along the Kaniwhaniwha Stream and offers plenty of fly fishing along the trail.  The camp is very basic and suited to tent camping.  The trail is accessible by mountain bike and there’s  also a short cave hike near the camp site.

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6. Lake Ngaroto

Lake Ngaroto is a popular coarse fishing site with ample rudd, carp and goldfish.  A jetty next to the carpark allows very easy drive up fishing. Camping is available for self-contained camping (RV with a toilet) only. The lake is a great spot for a day trip with a good walking/biking path around the perimeter. 

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Lake Ngaroto5


7 & 8. Little Waipa Reserve and Jones Landing

Little Waipa Reserve and Jones Landing are run by the South Waikato District Council and camping in tents or RVs requires a camping permit. Camping permits can be obtained from the South Waikato District Council offices or the district’s Information Centres.  Both sites offer fishing from the bank with good boat ramps allowing easy access to troll for trout.  Jones Landing has a good swimming area and both sites have access to the Waikato River Trail bike path.  The Little Waipa Reserve is a short boat ride upstream from the mouth of the Pokaiwhenua where glow worms can be seen after dark in the gorge just upstream from the road bridge.  

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Little Waipa and Jones3

9. Bulmer Landing

Bulmer Landing sits on the opposite bank of Arapuni Reservoir from Jones Landing but is available for self-contained camping (RV with a toilet) only as it is run by Waipa District Council.  Bulmer landing has a good boat ramp and is popular for swimming.  Ample rudd can be caught from the landing, providing some good fishing for young anglers.  Lake Arapuni is stocked annually making it a popular spot to troll for both brown and rainbow trout.  Located the end of Bulmer Road.

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Bulmer Landing3

10. DOC's Arohena Campsite

DOC’s Arohena Campsite sits alongside Lake Arapuni with a rustic beach boat ramp and plenty of room to water ski, fish and swim on Lake Arapuni.  Lake Arapuni is a great spot to troll for both brown and rainbow trout with shore fishing also available.  Kids can be entertained for hours fishing for rudd on the edge of the camp. The Hamilton Anglers Club owns a small lodge and boat ramp next to the camp site that can be booked on their website. 

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West Coast

Top River: Awakino & Mangaotaki Rivers

11. Tawarau River & Mangaohae Stream

The Tawarau River and Mangaohae Stream are accessible from the Gorge Track that leads from Were Road downriver to Speedies Road.  The 3.5 hour hike follows the river most of the way and is known for its scenic beauty but also offers some good fishing.  There are no facilities but if you’re into sleeping in a tent and fishing, the gorge track is a good option. The trail head is located at the end of Speedies Road Were Road. 

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12. Leitch's Hut 

The Leitch's Hut sits alongside the Awakino River and is a relatively difficult eight hour round trip with plenty of good fishing during the summer months. The track begins at the end of Gribbon Road and there are several well-marked access points to fish prior to getting the trail head.  Please note the track crosses private land before entering DOC land, but fishing access is also clearly marked on this section of the track.

If you’re not up for a hike there’s beachfront accommodation and camping available at the Seaview Holiday Park in Mokau, phone 06-752 9708.

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Leitchs hut

13. Struan Farm

Struan Farm (Mangaotaki & Awakino Rivers) is Bordered by the Mangaotaki River, and only 10 minutes from the Awakino.  This is a prime spot for a weekend of trout fishing. The Mangaotaki is often overlooked by anglers on their way to the Awakino, but it has a good population of rainbows and plenty of excellent fly fishing water.  Jim’s hut is a rustic bunkhouse located just above the Mangaotaki within a park-like setting that even includes a swimming hole and a riverside fire pit. If you are into more plush accommodation there are also two cottages available on the property. The Struan Farm is a perfect spot to take your family for a relaxing weekend fishing. 
Phone: 07 877 8012
Address: 942 State Highway 3, Piopio 3970


Jim’s Hut

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Struan Farm3





Whanganui Headwaters

Top Rivers: Ongarue, Waione, Whanganui Whakapapa

14. Blackfern Lodge

Blackfern Lodge (Ongarue River) Blackfern Lodge is located on the banks of the Ongarue Stream, and not only is there fantastic fishing on the property but there are four other trout streams within a short drive.  From the Lodge a track follows the stream for over a kilometre alongside some great fishing water to a spectacular waterfall. The Lodge has a series of “luxury” rustic rooms complete with a spa pool overlooking the stream. The Blackfern is a great spot to enjoy some easy access fly fishing with plenty of public water nearby. The one catch here is that owners ask guest to please practice catch and release fishing only on the property. The lodge has only recently been open to anglers so please be respectful of this great opportunity. 
Phone:(07 894 7677)
1731 Ongarue Stream Road, Waimiha 3998

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black fern


 Matta and Marvin Daniel just upriver from Blackfern Lodge.


15. Piropiro Camping Ground

The Piropiro Camping Ground is a free drive-up DOC camp site near the popular Timber Trail mountain biking track.  More importantly, the camp is near the Waione and Ongarue streams that both provide excellent trout fishing.  The Piropiro Campsite is a basic car camping site with a mixed bag of hunters and Lycra-clad bikers. Located on Kokomiko Road off of Ongarue Stream Road. 

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16. Taumarunui Holiday Park

The Taumarunui Holiday Park is a great spot to camp if you are planning to fish the Whakapapa and Whanganui Rivers. The holiday park is Located on the Whanganui River just off HW4 and you can fish at the park.  Within an hour of the holiday park, anglers can access the Whanganui at the Piriaka Power Station, Kakahi (Te Rene Road) and Pukehou Road. The Whakapapa River can be accessed from Kakahi (Te Rene Road), Stone Jug Road and Whakapapa Bush Road in Owhango. 

Phone: 07-895 9345
487 Totara Street, Manunui 3946

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Taumarunui park


17. Kakahi Adventure Lodge

Kakahi Adventure Lodge is a great base for a weekend fishing the Whanganui and Whakapapa Maxine is a great host and can also arrange shuttles if you are floating the Whakapapa from Owhango. The lodge sits within 5 min drove of two great access points on the Whakapapa.

Kakahi Adventure Lodge
383 Waitea Branch Road, Kakahi 3989
Phone: 027 878 1813

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18. Rua Awa Lodge

Rua Awa Lodge is located in the quiet rural village of Kakahi just off SH4 between National Park, gateway to the World Heritage listed Tongariro National Park, and Taumarunui a small friendly town at the confluence of the Ongarue and Whanganui Rivers in the King Country.

Rua Awa Lodge
83 Noho Street
New Zealand
Ph 021 0833 5173

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Rua Awa Lodge3 IMG20220204100705


19. Go Bush Wilderness Adventures

Go Bush Wilderness Adventures (upper Whanganui River) Imagine if you could build a wilderness cabin on one of the best trout streams in the Auckland/Waikato region in a forest full of deer complete with a BBQ and bar overlooking the river, welcome to Go Bush. Te Whare O Nga Whio (The house of the Blue Ducks) is the only accommodation in the headwaters of the Whanganui River, and it is an awesome place to spend a weekend away from it all. This is an extremely unique property that borders the Tongariro Forest Park, and is only accessible by 4wd (transport to the lodge is provided).  Go Bush has an off the grid cabin as well as several sleepouts so they can accommodate relatively large groups.  If you are into getting away from it all at an affordable price, Go Bush is a must do.
Phone: 07 896 6884
You must book this accommodation in advance as the owner will need to escort you into the property. 
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AW1Mag2020b2The house of the Blue Ducks


AW2Mag2021Wally Hawken just below Go Bush Lodge


20. The 42 Traverse Mountain Bike Trail

The 42 Traverse mountain bike trail runs from Pokaka Mill Campsite (off HW 47) to Owhango and provides access to the upper Whanganui River via the Waione Stream (13 km from Pokaka Mill Campsite). From the Waione Stream crossing, anglers can wade downriver to the Whanganui River.   Alternatively, the upper Whanganui can be reached via hiking north on the Te Araroa Trail from the Hillary Outdoors Tongariro centre.  Both access points are suitable for fit and adventurous anglers who like back country camping as no facilities are available on the track.  If you are not into hiking or biking the 42 traverse is suitable for all terrain vehicles but the Te Araroa trail from the Hillary Outdoors centre is best walked as it is in very poor condition. There are two entrances to the 42Traverse and freedom camping is allowed at the Whakapapa Scenic Reserve on Ohinetonga Road. 
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21. Forest Lodge

The Owhango Forest Lodge is a great spot to stay when fishing the Whakapapa or for adventures on the 42traverses. The lodge is about 5 minutes from the Whakapapa Scenic Reserve and about 12 min from the Stone Jug Road access. 

Phone: 07 895 4458

Forest Lodge

 22. The Old Post Office Lodge

Fully renovated iconic century-old Owhango Post Office, in the heart of the Ruapehu district. A gorgeous historic 7-Bedroomed lodge Holiday Home, complete with sauna cabin, hot-tub spa-pool, firepit, drying room, and garage for safely storing outdoor gear.

With world-class fishing just 5 mins from the property in the Whakapapa River (and of course loads of other fantastic locations all around the Whanganui River and its tributaries).

Phone: 027 604 8323

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old post office lodge