Maimai Design

We see all sorts of maimai – the good, the bad & the ugly. A well laid out and camouflaged maimai will increase your success rate.

A good maimai will provide

  • shelter from rough weather.
  • concealment from a bird’s scrutiny.
  • a wide field of view.
  • solid footing.
  • a defined, yet unhindered shooting arc.
  • Safe firearms storage when not in use.

Otago Fish & Game have developed a modular design, allowing it to be built at home and then easily assembled in the field. It makes efficient use of a standard 2400 x 1200mm sheet of ply.

Select here to view a video regarding Otago's Fish & Game Chief Executive, Ian Hadland talking about the merits of the design. 

The design and material list is freely available here


Maimai and the Building Code

As with all buildings, maimai construction falls under the NZ Building Code.

Work which does not require a building consent, relevant to maimai, is outlined below. 

For greater detail, see and be sure to check for updates - use the information given here as a guide only.


2.1 Single-storey detached buildings not exceeding 10 square metres

2.2. Single-storey detached buildings between 10 and 30sqm in floor area, using lightweight material