When does a hobby become an obsession? It’s a question many of us ask, as we once again head out for a perfect day in our natural environment.

Fishing code of conduct

It's important that we all understand our responsibilities to the environment and each other when we're out on the water.

Fishing FAQs

We have all the answers when it comes to freshwater fishing throughout New Zealand.

Tips & info

You can spend a lifetime learning about freshwater fishing - but there's plenty of tricks and tips to help make things easy and fun.

Enjoying your fish

Boast, roast and toast!

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Local fishing clubs

Fishing clubs are a great way for anglers of all ages, and newbie or experienced anglers to socialise and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for recreational…

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Overseas visitors

New Zealand offers some of the best trout fishing in the world – hard fighting, well-conditioned brown and rainbow trout in gin-clear rivers and lakes.

Fishing for mental health

In numerous surveys we have done it has been identified that the thrill of fishing is not just about catching a fish.