Two small lakes near Waiuku provide good conditions for trout growth because they are exposed to sea breezes that provide cool temperatures over the summer.  However be warned, sea breezes can prove frustrating to anglers, especially fly fishermen, and thus it is recommended that you choose a calm day to fish these waters.  Fishing from a float tube or small dingy can be productive.

Both lakes are stocked annually with rainbow trout, which grow to an average size of about 1.2kg with the occasional fish over 2kg.  Brown trout are present in low numbers and are generally big fish but difficult to catch.

The main attraction of Lake Whatihua (Thompson’s) is an excellent rise on calm days.  Shore access is good, but permission should be obtained from one of the local landowners.  Lake Whatihua is located next to the Waiuku-Kariotahi Road about 1.5km back from Kariotahi beach.

Parkinsons is a small lake just 1.5 hectares.  Access is good and the lake is easily fished from the shore.  Weed can occasionally be a problem but grass carp have been released into these waters by Fish and Game to reduce the weed infestation.  Parkinsons Lake is located next to the Whiriwhiri Road just south of Lake Otamatearoa.


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