Whanganui River

The Whanganui RtTongariro National Park, flows northward to Taumarunui then southwest to the sea. Between Taumarunui and Kakahi there are numerous good fishing pools, many of which have been signposted by the Ruapehu Fish & Game Club. Access can be gained from Taumarunui, Mahoe (Mahoe Rd), Piriaka, Manunui, and Kakahi. Access to the upper reaches within the Tongariro National Park is via old logging roads from State Highway 47, a good topographical map or local knowledge is required. This is typical back country fishing requiring an above average level of fitness.

Whakapapa River

One of New Zealand’s finest trout fisheries but certainly not for the faint hearted as the Whakapapa alternates between turbulent rapid, deep pools and long boulder runs. Access to the lower and middle reaches can be obtained from the villages of Kakahi and Owhango, south of Taumarunui.  There is a good population of both rainbow and brown trout averaging 1.5kg. In the upper reaches the trout are generally larger but less abundant. Access to the upper reaches can be gained from SH 4 across farmland, or from the access road to the Tongariro Power Scheme intake structure via SH47 (National Park - Turangi).

Ongarue River

A popular river offering many kilometres of excellent fishing water. Mainly fished in its upper reaches above the township of Waimiha. Access is from the Ongarue Stream Road across private farmland. The nearby Maramataha River also holds a good trout population but access is generally more difficult especially in the upper reaches.

Waimiha Stream

A delightful stream offering a succession of long ripples and pools containing a good population of both rainbow and brown trout. The lower and middle reaches offer clear low banks providing relatively easy fishing - a perfect place for the beginner. Permission is required from the farmhouse just north of the Waimiha Road/Ongarue Road turnoff.