Latest update (April 15, 2014): click here for more details about this project.

Operation Duck Pond has had some success over the past few months. We were able to get a webpage up describing the project.

We have also been running a Facebook page (link below) that had a great start with close to 100 (now at 120) 'likes' within the first weeks, after that we have been slowly climbing. We usually get 30-50 people who “saw” each post put on the site. The best was 506 people who saw an article on what Fish & Game is doing with floating nesting platforms.

There has been good media coverage with articles in the Fish & Game magazine, the Flight Magazine, and the Hunting and Fishing catalogue. Fish & Game's Public Awareness team have done a wonderful job assisting me on this part of the project. They also plan to filming a few segments in June both for promotion and also instructional.

We currently have eight ponds (4 Eastern, 1 Hawkes Bay, 1 North Canterbury, 1 Southland, and 1 Wellington). Based on enquiries we're receiving, it's likely we will have more in the weeks to come.

Report compiled by Northland Fish & Game officer Nathan Burkepile.

'Operation Duck Pond is go! Check out the project's Facebook page here and get involved.

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Operation Duck Pond - a nationwide ‘citizen science’ project