Lake Arapuni is the most popular trout fishery in the Auckland/Waikato Region. Attracting anglers to its excellent boat ramps, good catch rates, and great scenery especially in the upper reaches.

Most of the trout caught in Arapuni are rainbows averaging about 1.5kg with the occasional fish over 2.5kg.  Only about 5% of the trout caught are browns, but they are often huge and Arapuni provides anglers with a real chance of catching a trophy.

Arapuni offers good trolling water although weed can be a problem in some places.  There are five boat ramps located around the lake – the most popular of which are Jones and Arapuni landings at the northern end of the lake.

In the upper reaches, popular locations for the shore based angler include below the Waipapa Dam and the mouths of the Tumai and Mangawhio Streams.  Access to the Mangawhio is by a walking track (1.5km) from the boat ramp about 1km below the Waipapa Dam.  The lower reaches of the Mangawhio Stream, about 700m of water, are open all year.  Access to the Tumai is by the Waikato River Trail starting from the eastern side of the Waipapa Dam.  In the middle reaches, access to several beaches can be gained from Landing Road (metal road). In the lower reaches, the Arapuni Dam and Bridge are popular locations (see section on Arapuni Dam walkways).

All springs, rivers and streams entering Lake Arapuni are closed to fishing except for the Waikato River and the Mangawhio Steam.