The Nelson/Marlborough Council has jurisdiction or ownership over a number of reserves and lands where game bird hunting takes place.

1. Wairau Lagoons decoys
Hunting the Wairau Lagoon

3. Hunting pond
Para Wetland

4. Forestry quail
Forestry Quail Access

5. Phil Bradfield
Chukar Hunting

7. Rabbit Island rooster
Organised Gamebird Hunts

The Nelson Marlborough region offers a diverse range of hunting experiences from Golden Bay where swan and paradise shelduck are abundant to high-country Marlborough where it is possible to hunt quail, chukar, Canada geese as well as ducks. 

Around Tasman, mallard ducks are found in low-moderate numbers, though paradise ducks can be found in good numbers where favourable food sources exist. Pukeko numbers have significantly increased in this area also, and hunters are encouraged to target pukeko over the extended eight-month season.

The Marlborough lowlands offer some excellent hunting options, where quail, ducks and Canada geese can be readily found within the Wairau Lagoons, Para Wetland, and Wairau riverbed.

Murchison is another great option with abundant dairy farms making great habitat for mallard and grey ducks as well as paradise ducks.

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