The Whangamarino is a diverse fertile swamp habitat, ideal for ducks.

Located at the junction of the Whangamarino and Maramarua Rivers. The large size of the flood plains and willow areas provide feeding grounds for thousands of waterfowl. There are also four large peat domes which add to the excellent wilderness experience.

The two rivers provide access to most of the waterfowl hunting areas in the Whangamarino.

Fish & Game (739.2ha) & DoC (4960ha) manage most of the wetland (80% of total area).

Fish & Game Properties: (select name to view property outline)

A. North Shepherd Wetland 59.2 hectares
B. Central Shepherd Wetland 78.3 hectares
C. Cocks Wetland 247.1 hectares
D. Williamson Wetland 354.6 hectares

Ponds and maimais have been built on all of these properties. Entry permit (free) required for all areas. Fish & Game permits are available from Fish & Game office or by selecting here to request a permit.


  1. Oram Road, Meremere (A)
    Year round parking and foot access to North Shepherd Wetland from Oram Road next to Flood Control structure 2km south of Mercer.
  2. Island Block Road, Meremere (A)
    Game season parking access and year round foot access to North Shepherd Wetland from Island Block Road 1km east of Meremere Power Station.
  3. Island Block Road, Meremere (B)
    Foot access (parking by side of road), to Central Shepherd Wetland from Island Block Road 1km east of Meremere Power Station.
  4. Island Block Road/Whangamarino River Bridge (B)
    Boat ramp at bridge provides good access to Whagamarino and Maramarua Rivers and their adjacent wetlands. This site also provides foot access along the stopback to the Central Shepherd Wetland ponds that are next to the Whangamarino River.
  5. “The Causeway” (off Island Block Road)
    Foot and vehicular access (with key), is available via private causeway (a.k.a. “Bucketline Road”) off Island Block Road. Contact Fish & Game Hamilton for access details. DoC permit essential.
  6. Falls Road "so called Humpback Bridge"
    Boat ramp at Falls Road/Whangamarino River bridge provides good access to the eastern end of the swamp and river. DoC and/or Fish & Game permits required for adjoining wetland as appropriate.
  7. Falls Road (D)
    Foot access can be obtained to the Williamson Wetland from Falls Road. Parking beside road (note: 2 entry points). Fish & game permit required.
  8. Wattle Road (C)
    Vehicular and foot access available to Cocks Wetland (F&G permit required) and also adjacent Raeo Arm (DoC permit required). Boat ramp at the end of the track beside the Whangamarino River. Please park where signposted, not at the ramp. A key is required to get past mid-point gate. Otherwise park at this gate and walk - or a small boat ramp by this gate gives access to the Raeo Arm (no key required). DoC and/or Fish & game access permits required.
  9. Finlayson Road
    Foot access off Finlayson Road to Kopuku area of the Whangamarino Wetland. Permission required from landowner to cross paddocks to swamp.
  10. Coalfields Road
    Foot access off public road to Kopuku swamp. DoC permit required.

 Whangamarino Wetland

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