For only $5

Do you have a mate, relative, friend, co-worker or know somebody who is keen to give duck hunting a go, but doesn’t want to pay the full cost of a licence? If so, on a strictly first come, first served basis, limited to the first 100 hunters who email into the region's office with their current Game bird Licence number (must be for the upcoming season), we will let you take your mate hunting on opening weekend for the $5 cost of the Habitat Stamp which is displayed on the licence – which as you will recall is used solely to create, protect and restore wetland habitat.

The offer is strictly limited to those people (i.e. the mate) who have not purchased a licence before (and we can check via extensive database records going back over the last decade) – the offer is only for opening weekend – recipients of the mate’s licence must be accompanied by a whole season licence holder. The offer only applies to the Northland, Auckland/Waikato or Eastern Fish and Game region and the mate must of course comply with the Game Hunting Regulations. There is no better opportunity to introduce your friend, spouse, son or daughter to game bird hunting.

Please provide the following details below which will be sent onto our region's office, payment information (typically via internet banking) will be sent to you.

Please remember this is strictly limited to those people (i.e. the mate) who have not purchased a licence before and the offer is only for opening weekend.

Person with Game Licence

Mate's Information: