Fish & Game manages, maintains and enhances sports fish and game birds, and their habitats, in the best long-term interests of present and future generations of anglers and hunters. We are a not-for-profit organisation, funded through the sale of fishing and hunting licences.

Southland Fish & Game have projects and ideas that are not feasible with our current level of funding.

These are not the must haves which maintain the status quo. These are the nice to haves - the valued-added endeavours which would truly benefit and enhance the habitats of our treasured sportfish and gamebirds, and the angling and hunting experience.

It’s currently Catch-22 – we’re unable to consider projects without funding but neither can raise funds without the projects.

Anglers and hunters share our values and ethos, and so some might like to partner with us by providing the resourcing to enable specific projects.

This could be made through a donation, a legacy or a unique collaborative arrangement. Legacies can be made in your will, conferring certain asset(s) to the Southland Fish & Game Council.

A project that has meaningful outcomes to both the donor and Fish & Game will be settled upon, and staff will report back to the donor/surviving family members with measurable results.


The following project areas may offer some guidance or ideas.

  • Holistic Riverine Management - Enabling Fish & Game to intervene to address the specific needs of a waterway, or a particular section of the waterway. It could involve the management of densely grown willows, gorse encroachment on the banks, further fencing set back, better connection between the river and its floodplain, or improving the native vegetation on the river margin etc.
  • Wetland Construction/Enhancement – Wetlands provide huge benefits as habitat and improve the downstream water quality by capturing sediment and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus). Southland has lost 90% of its wetlands.
  • Public Access – Long-term protection (eq QEII Covenants) and/or the outright purchasing of high value pieces of land for public benefit.
  • Youth – Recruitment and training of young anglers and hunters.
  • Catchment or Fishery specific – Donations can be pegged to your favoured catchment/fishery.
  • Research – Fish & Game has a long history of commissioning and participating in research that underpins our decision making.
  • Other?  Bring your ideas forward!

Donations not earmarked or conditioned, will be allocated through the considered opinion of staff or voted on by the elected councilors (for larger amounts).

Southland staff would welcome the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on local projects. Donations of all levels will be gratefully considered.

To discuss it further, please contact Southland Field Officer Ben Febery at or on 03 215 9117

Alternatively, donations to the work of Fish & Game nationally can be made here -