A totally unique area comprising some thirty islands between the Tuakau Bridge and the Tasman Sea. Note the closed game area (No Shooting).

Meandering waterways between the islands provide a haven for ducks, as does the surrounding wetland in the Aka Aka and other adjacent area. Consequently, this is a very poplar area for hunters.

Fish & Game own many of the island titles in the area to encourage their recreational use - see map. A Fish & Game entry permit is not required for Waikato Islands but is required for the Aka Aka and Piggott Wetlands (select here to request a permit).

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A. Ngahinapouri Island - 13 hectares
B. Kaiwaka No 1 Island - 113 hectares
C. PakePake Island - 71 hectares
D. Puhehunui Island - 100 hectares
E. Motutieke Island - 118 hectares
F. Aka Aka Wetland - 116 hectares
G. Piggott Wetland - 54 hectares

Access Points


  1. Hoods Landing, Otaua
    This ramp (Off Hoods Landing Road) provides access to most of the lower Waikato islands and river area. Can be crowded opening so get there early. Public toilets here. Please use the rubbish bins properly.
  2. Elbow Landing Reserve Boat Ramp, Aka Aka
    This ramp at the end of Elbow Road adjacent to water ski club gives good access to the Waikato islands.
  3. Tuakau Bridge, Tuakau
    Located on River Road, Tuakau, several ramps at and near Les Batkin Reserve give good access to the islands and adjacent wetlands further upstream from the Waikato delta. Public toilets present. There are also other simpler ramps nearby off River Road and also Alder Road (entrance just before Tuakau Bridge).

  4. Crouch Road
    Boats can be launched here for good access to lower Waikato Islands, however this ramp is in poor condition. Please leave farm gates as you find them (i.e. closed if they are closed).
  5. Mawhitiwhiti Road
    A smaller boat ramp gives access to the larger islands in the lower delta.
    Note: foot access via the stopbank next to Mawhitiwhiti Road is private land. Landowner permission required.
  6. Bregman Road
    Boat launch to river "just" possible (Note: by manhandling small boat down a steep bank past the pump station into the canal).
    Foot access to Aka Aka Block from Bregman Road
    (free permit required to enter - available from Fish & Game office).
  7. Frost Road
    Boat ramp at end of Frost Road, off the main Port Waikato Road.
  8. Murray Road
    Several small improvised boat ramps upstream of Tuakau Bridge, off Murray Road, available for launching small boats. 
  9. Parker Lane, Tuakau
    Foot access (no boat launch), to Piggott Wetland (and Waikato River). Sign posted off Parker Lane. Off-road parking available in the game season, (otherwise locked). Free permit required to enter - available from Fish & Game office.

Waikato river delta2


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