Molesworth Station is a stunning fishing destination and offers anglers a diverse range of fishing opportunities.  The Clarence is the main river, which runs out to see north of Kaikoura and is also regarded as a decent salmon fishery.  The lower and middle sections of this river are silt laden for much of the year but do clear at times in the summer or mid winter.

The Acheron River and its tributaries hold larger trout with miles of rivers to explore. Foot access is available all summer and vehicle access along the Acheron only when the Molesworth road is open to the public from October to April, subject to weather and farming operations.

There are some stillwater fishing gems too – the Sedgemere Tarns provide fantastic sight fishing though a walk or bike ride is needed to get to these high-country tarns.  Fish Lake holds a good population of large trout (4-7 pounds), and Bowscale Tarn holds a high population of 2.5-3.5lb trout.  Nearby Lake Tennyson also has fish, though these are a smaller average size than the Sedgemere Tarns fish.

Access to Molesworth is via the Awatere, Hanmer or Rainbow Station.  Access restrictions can apply here, especially if planning to enter via Rainbow Station where a seasonal toll applies and 4WD is required, so it’s best to check out the below websites.

Useful links:

DOC/Acheron Road

Rainbow Station access