It’s our mission to champion our waterways and to promote accessible fishing for all New Zealanders… it is our passion to help foster the next generations of those who will fish and care for these precious ecosystems.

General fishing licence info

Everyone, of any age, must carry a valid New Zealand Sports Fishing Licence with them (or be named on a family licence with the primary licence…

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Standard licence options

Every person who wants to go fresh water fishing or game bird hunting in New Zealand must first purchase a licence.

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Special licence options

There are any number of freshwater fishing options that require special licences to provide permission to access and fish.

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Where to buy your Licence

If you want to purchase your licence instore, click on your region and find a licence agent near you.

Fishing Regulations
Fishing Regulations

Fish & Game NZ provides regulations for fishing and game bird hunting throughout New Zealand (except Taupo, where fishing is administered by DOC).

Helen Austin and Phil Gapes display their Rangitata salmon 15 3 16
Sea Run Salmon Season Bag Limit

The deadline for Sea-run salmon harvest card returns was 7th May.