Fish & Game's easiest North Island access points with good numbers of trout in these locations. 

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Kai iwi Lakes Both Lake Taharoa and Lake Waikere are stocked annually with rainbows. Trout have grown up over 4kg on occasion. All methods work well including bait fishing. Fish the drop-offs with spinners or lures.

Whau Valley Dam The Whau Valley Dam is stocked annually with rainbows. There is also a self-sustaining population of brown trout. The dam wall is very productive. 

Auckland / Waikato

Lake Arapuni is one of the Waikato River hydro lakes. Jones Landing is a great fishing spot for kids that has good numbers of fish. Also, Bulmer Landing and the DOC campsite are also great spots.

Lake Moana-nui has ample access on the public walkway. The lake is stocked annually with rainbow trout which can grow to 2.5 kg. This is a great location to fish with kids. 

Lake Pupuke is easy to access and provides good fishing. Spinning with 10g lures is a good choice or fly fish with a floating line to stay above the weed bed.  

Lake Ngaroto Good rudd fishing and ideal for kids with pull up access. Use small floats and corn

Little Waipa Domain Popular camp site with a boat ramp next to the river. Trout congregate near the mouth of the Little Waipa River during the summer. This site also has an abundance of rudd. 


Waiwhakaiho River The lower reaches of New Plymouth’s closest river provide fishing for good-sized brown trout using nymph, dry fly and spin fishing techniques. 

Waiwhakaiho River Merrilands Domain (Audrey Gale Reserve) provides access to a number of large, deep pools. There is plenty of parking and toilet facilities are available. Be mindful that the gate is locked in the evenings. 

Manganui River holds moderate numbers of brown trout up to 2.5kg. Nymph and bait fishing with creeper and worm are favoured, although spin fishing can also be productive. 

Upper Patea River provides good fishing for brown trout and in recent years rainbow trout have established from releases of hatchery fish. There is good river access within King Edward Park and Carrington Walkway.

Manganuioteao River is a nationally significant fishery for brown and rainbow trout. There are always easy to access, undisturbed fishing spots to be found  for all angling methods and levels of skill. 


Hamurana Stream mouth fishes well during summer. A floating line and small Woolly Bugger, smelt fly or small dark nymph fished under an indicator work well. Spin fishing is permitted. No fishing above the road bridge.  

Lake Rotoiti Ruato Bay is open to fishing all year. Best times are between April and August. Ruato fishes well after dark with a floating line and small wet flies, boobies or lumo doll flies.   

Lake Rotoiti The Pipe is a popular shoreline fishing location that provides winter fishing for spawning rainbows with Boobies and Glo bug flies. Autumn and spring offer opportunities for with smelt patterns.

Lake Okataina Winter shoreline fishing area between the landmark poles is open 1 October to 30 September. Fishing can be productive autumn through winter to early spring. Best methods include fly fishing with wet flies or spinners.

Lake Tarawera The Landing provides shoreline fishing with ample parking and toilet facilities. The Te Wairoa and Orchard Stream mouths can also be accessed on foot from here. It is world renowned for the quality of its rainbow trout. 

Hawke's Bay

Lake Tutira This lake is the most popular lake fishery in the Hawke's Bay Region with excellent fishing. Good shore fishing and row boats and kayaks are permitted. Trout are regularly liberated into the lake. 

Tutaekuri River Dartmoor Rd has Hawke's Bay Regional council access both up and downstream and holds good numbers of fish throughout the year. The river is a series of deep holes and long runs often bounded by willow trees. 

Tukituki River Waimarama road bridge. Wildlife refuge upstream of the bridge so no dogs are permitted. The river flows through a braided channel and is a mixture of pools and long runs that is suited to both fly and spin fishing. 

Tukituki River Waipawa, This is the confluence of the Waipawa and Tukituki River, locally known as the Breakwater. This is a very good fishery providing excellent fishing conditions throughout most of the season.

Mohaka River Glenfalls. Good access both up and downstream, holds good numbers of Brown and Rainbow Trout. DOC campsites and toilet facilities.  Fish & Game have a hut available to licence holders - contact the Napier office.


Rangitikei River Vinegar Hill Campsite. Spin fishing is very popular, particularly with “Veltics”, “Dandy’s”, “Rapala’s” and “Z” spinners. Fly-fishing, with either wet-fly or nymph, fished at the feeding depth of the fish.

Ruamahunga River The Cliffs is primarily a brown trout fishery, although increasing numbers of both perch and rainbow trout are being taken by anglers. Bait fishing comes into its own here.

Hutt River Access is easy with riverside parks or access tracks along most of its length. In general anglers’ fly fish “blind” and cover the water rather than fish to sighted fish. Spinning or wet fly fishing is also popular. 

Fishing the Hutt

Mangatainoka River It has about 50km of fishable water with numerous roads leading to the river off SH2, where anglers will discover the amazing number of bridges (13) which provide easy access to most of the river. 

Otaki River All fishing methods are successful under most river conditions. During summer, spin and bait fishing is best focused on the faster runs and heads of pools. 

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