Two large Auckland water reservoirs in the Hunua Ranges have limited areas open to trout fishing.  Both reservoirs contain wild rainbow trout with the Mangatangi fishery supplemented by hatchery releases.

Fishing is restricted to the face of the dams within the areas indicated by signs.  Anglers may not enter the water unless they are wearing clean gumboots or waders.  Fish shall be taken “whole” from the site – gutting or cleaning fish is not permitted anywhere on the site. Artificial lure/fly only can be used.

Fly fishing using a nymph is generally the most productive method of fishing.  A long monofilament leader is used, generally 3-5 m long, with a floating fly line.  An indicator is placed about 2.5 m above the nymph.  The nymph is retrieved very slowly, just the occasional twitch.  A wide variety of nymphs can be successful, and the most popular are those tied to imitate a small caddis larva.

A Water Access Permit is required and this is available at no cost by self-help from the fishing kiosks at the reservoirs.

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Map Mangatawhiri