The Piako, is a large tidal river running between Firth of Thames and Kopuatai Wetland.

It holds good bird numbers, but thick mud and tidal nature make hunting extremely challenging and potentially dangerous. A boat is required to set and retrieve decoys. 

New Zealand's largest remaining natural peat dome covering an area of some 10,201 hectares. The edge zones of the dome comprise open floodplain, manmade ponds and willow dominated swamp which provides superb hunting opportunity. Formation of Kopuatai Management Association comprised primarily of hunters is providing more hunter opportunity in the area.

On the true left bank of the Piako River the Waemaro, ABCD Flax Blocks, Pattersons Lagoon and Patetonga Lake are all Wildlife Management Reserves and provide good hunting opportunity.

Access Points

  1. Tramline Road, Patetonga
    Boat ramp end of road gives access to Patersons Lagoon and Patetonga Lake Wildlife Management Reserves. DoC permit required for both.
  2. Maukoro Landing Road, Patetonga
    Boat ramp off Maukoro Landing Road. Also provides foot access to ABCD Flax Blocks, DoC permit required.
  3. Waemaro Wildlife Management Reserve
    Boat entry off confluence Piako River & Waitoa Canal. DoC permit required. 
  4. Dagger Road, Kerepehi 
    Foot access along eastern riverbank from Dagger Road to the Loop, DoC permit required.

    A. Pipiroa
    Boat ramp at Pipiroa, off Buchanan Rd, gives access to mangrove areas at river mouth. A very popular area with hunters. Also provides launching point for Firth of Thames.
    B. Ngatea
    Boat launch opposite Rowing Club in Ngatea-Kaihere Road, off SH2.
    C. Kerepehi
    Boat ramp (concrete) located at western side of Kerepehi. Turn right just after leaving township before Awaiti Canal Bridge.

  5. Kaihere
    Boat ramp (metal) off Kaihere Road at right-angled bend in road approximately 6kms from Ngatea.
  6. Off Awaiti Canal Road
    Entry to Elstow Canal Conservation Area. DoC permit required.
  7. Off Awaiti Canal Road,
    Entry to Awaiti Canal Conservation Area. DoC permit required.

  8. Off Torehape Road and also Kaihere Road, Torehape Wetland Management Reserve. 
    DoC permit required.  

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