Privacy Policy

The Fish & Game Website is comprised of various web pages operated by Fish & Game New Zealand and its licence administration agent ESL Limited.


The personal information supplied to Fish & Game will be stored by Fish & Game on a secure server. All information is encrypted whilst in transit. Fish & Game will not share your personal information with any other third party. Whilst all care is taken to offer a secure system we cannot provide a 100% guaranteed secure system. Please note, the information you provide is provided at your own risk. Users may browse and access information contained within this website without providing any personal information. You may voluntarily choose to provide personal information, for example when you apply or renew a sports fish or game licence or subscribe to e-zines. Unless otherwise stated, Fish & Game will keep that information secure, use it only to communicate with you, and will not provide it to any third parties, except for research purposes where the privacy of the data provided is addressed under the contract for service, without your prior consent.Please contact a Fish & Game office if you have any concern about its use of your personal information.

Data Security Policy

The payment pages use current encryption techniques to safeguard access and information. Users are asked to read any terms and conditions or disclaimers attached to individual pages. For sports fish and game licences, we use Paystation. Their terms of use are available here.

Payments and Donations

When you make a payment or donation through our website (for example, by making a one off payment for a sports fish or game licence), we may ask you to submit certain information (such as credit card information) so we can process your payment or donation. We use the credit card information you provide only to fulfil the transaction you requested. We also maintain your contact information in our records so we can contact you.

Privacy Statement By completing this form:

  • I acknowledge that the information will be provided to Fish & Game, ESL Limited Licensing, Paystation (licencing) or DPS Gateway (online purchasers other than licencing) and their nominated call centre, and the nominated bank.
  • I agree that Fish & Game, ESL Limited, Paystation, and DPS Gateway may retain this information for the purpose of effecting the payments and or donations, and will retain this information to continue and improve their payment and or donation activities.
  • I authorise Fish & Game and ESL Limited, to debit the specified amount from my credit card account.
  • I understand that I am entitled to access and request the correction of any personal information that Fish & Game holds about me.

Cancellation, return and refund policy

If at the time of payment and or donation you decide that the amount you entered was incorrect or you wish to cancel your order for a sport fish or game licence please contact our 0800 Licence number 0800 542 362 for a refund. A refund on a 24-hour licence must occur prior to the 24-hours specified on the licence. Refunds on licences that have been used remain at the discretion of the regional Fish and Game Council. If you wish to withdraw a donation or seek any refund for a purchase other than a licence, please contact or call +64 4 499 4767

Currency Policy

We only accept New Zealand currency. If you would like to make a payment for a sport fish or game licence from outside New Zealand then you can pay in New Zealand dollars. However please note your credit card company will charge you the relevant conversion charge.