There are many rivers in the Whanganui headwaters with numerous trout, easy access and clear water.  Several of these rivers, including the Ongarue and Waimiha, are only a moderate drive (1.5 hours) from the central Waikato, but to fish more southern waters, anglers are best advised to spend a weekend in this district that abounds with spectacular trout fisheries. 

There are many places to stay in this major tourist district with motels and bunkhouses at Taumarunui, Owhango and National Park. In addition, there are numerous good campsites in the backcountry for the more adventurous angler seeking outstanding wilderness fishing. 

These website pages only describes those Whanganui rivers in the Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game region. The rivers south of National Park, including the outstanding trout fisheries in the Manganuiateao and the Retaruke Rivers, are in the Taranaki region and information on these fisheries can be obtained from Taranaki Fish & Game.

More detailed and up-to-date information on access to the Whanganui headwaters can be obtained from the interactive access map provided by the Walking Access Commission on their website (

Upper Whanganui Headwaters

Information on access from Waimiha stream to the Taringamotu River which is between Te Kuiti and Tau…

Lower Whanganui Headwaters

Information on access from Pungapunga River to the Whakapapa River which is between Taumarunui and the National Park.