Kaipara Harbour is a productive area with many bays, side creeks, rivers and extensive mangrove area. Best hunting on the Harbour is two hours either side of full tide.

Kaipara and Kaukapakapa Rivers are both duck hunting meccas.

The Hoteo River is also a productive area and can be drift shot from State Highway 1.

Access Points

  1. Shelly Beach
    Offers fairweather access to much of the western shore of the Kaipara Harbour.
  2. Springs Road, Parakai
    Access to Kaipara River is by public boat ramp at Parakai at end of Springs Road.
  3. Cruising Club, Helensville
    Access to Kaipara River can be gained by using Kaipara Cruising  & Sportfish Club behind Coastguard building, Mill road, (SH1), Helensville. Private land. Permission required.
  4. Private Ramp, Helensville
    Access to Kaipara and Kaukapakapa Rivers with permission to use private ramp required from Mt Rex's Shipping Sand Works approx. 3km north of Helensville.
  5. Jordans Road
    Boat ramp provides access to Makarau River and southern Kaipara Harbour.
  6. Makarau Reserve
    Boat ramp provides access to Makarau River and southern Kaipara Harbour. 
    Note; if the gate is locked, you can get the combination to open it from Auckland Council. Details on the gate or ring Auckland Council beforehand.
  7. Hoteo River Bridge
    Boat ramp located along State Highway 16 (Kaukapakapa Rd) provides access to harbour and Hoteo River.
  8. Staples Landing
    Boat ramp at Staples Landing off Whitefords Road gives access to harbour and estuary.

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