This section has updates on research undertaken by Fish & Game, as well as advice and tips for those wanting to take part in improving habitat for game birds.

In this section:

Know your birds

Understanding waterfowl can aid you in hunting success. Different species have different habits so knowing a little bit about the birds can be to the hunter’s advantage.

Shooting & hunting tips

Here we share general hunting advice plus tips to help you with your shooting aim. Practice makes perfect and 'getting your eye in' before opening will make it much more successful!

Keeping kids in the hunt

“Dad, it’s cold, can we go home,” “I’m bored,” “There’s never any ducks dad, let’s just go…” - Ever heard that from your kids before? 

Getting the most out of your gun dog

One thing that can add success to your game bird hunting is having a gun dog, but where do you start?

How to build a Maimai - Plans and Construction Guidelines

A well constructed and maintained Maimai or stand can only reflect positively on the pursuit of waterfowl hunting and ultimately contribute to an assurance that future generations of Kiwis will have the privilege of participating.

Avoiding Semi-Auto Rage

By Greg Duly

Semi-auto shotgun maintenance is often overlooked by hunters - Photo Credit Hamish Car…