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Tukituki River Access Points - West (yellow)

1. Mill Road Extension

Mill Road is 4km up Makaretu Rd on the left. The last 8km is a narrow, winding gravel road. Near the road end, there is a locked gate. 2. Hylton Burn (Tukituki Road)

An unformed public road approximately 10km up Tukituki Road. Walking access only from the stile. Walk across the farmland following the painted posts. Do not disturb stock and leave gates as you find them.

3. Tukiuki Road

Central Hawke's Bay District Council gravel extraction track. Steep 2wd gravel track right to river edge. Access to a large area of the river both up and downstream.

4. Tukituki Road—Ingliss Bush

Department of Conservation Scenic Reserve. Access off Tukituki Road is approximately 2.5km from SH50. Follow the fence line to the bush edge, walk through the reserve to the river. Some bush bashing is required. No dogs.

5. SH50 Road Bridge

Parking on the true left of the bridge, upstream side.

6. Burnside Road

From Ashcott Road off SH50, Burnside Road crosses approximately 8km down. Drive to the road end to the stopbank beside the river. This section of the river may de-water during droughts.

7. Ongaonga—Waipukurau Road Bridge

Parking just off the bridge near Parsons Road. This area is particularly good early and late in the season but may de-water in a dry summer.

8. SH2 Road Bridge

Access through the unused shingle plant off SH2. Good dry fly in summer.

9. Scenic Road

Turn onto Lindsay Road off SH2 north of Waipukurau. Scenic Road runs off to the left, approximately 2km from here. Walk through the Tukituki Scenic Reserve.

10. SH2 Road Bridge (Waipukurau)

Good access via Hawke's Bay Regional Council administered land on both sides of the bridge, both up and downstream.

11. Ford Road

Ford Road is on the north side of the SH2 Road Bridge near Waipukurau. Access on the south side of the road for its whole length.

12. Mount Herbert Road

Mt Herbert Road is to the east of Waipukurau, through the township. There is access at the road end. Alternatively, access is gained via Waipukurau Shingle's plant, close to the road end. If you use the shingle plant, please observe any safety requirements and notify the operators you are there. Gates may be locked outside normal working hours.

13. Tapairu Road

Tapairu Road is south of Waipawa off SH2. Follow the road to the end, then a short walk to the river.

14. Walker Road

Access is available across Hawke's Bay Regional Council land at the road end. This is the confluence of the Tukituki and Waipawa rivers, commonly called the Breakwater.

15. Tamamu Bridge (Pourere Road)

Follow Pourere Road from Waipawa. Access is from both sides of the bridge. Downstream areas are accessed via gravelled vehicle tracks. Walking access only beyond this point.

16. River Road (Shag Rock)

Approximately 2km up River Road from Patangata bridge. Walking only.

17. Patangata Bridge

Best access on the true right downstream from the bridge via a gravel vehicle track.

Waipawa River Access Points (Orange)

1. Whakarara Road

Access at the road bridge for fishing upstream or downstream. Best early season.

2. SH50 Road Bridge (Waipawa River)

Access on the north side downstream. From this point, you can walk upstream or downstream a long distance.

3. Plantation Road

Hawke's Bay Regional Council access. This section of the river often dewaters in a dry summer.

4. Stockade Row

Hawke's Bay Regional Council access. This section can de-water in a dry summer.

5. Tikokino Road - Mangaounku

Great early season tributary. Plenty of fishing for as far as you want to walk.

6. SH2 Road Bridge (Waipawa River)

Access on the downstream side closest to Waipawa.

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Tukituki River Access Points (East)

18. Rowe Road

Rowe Road is 17km south of Havelock North along Middle Road. Access is via privately owned farmland at the end of the public road and permission is required. Foot access only.

19. McKenzie Road

4km up Kahuranaki Rd from Rochfort Rd. An unformed public road leads to the river. The road is maintained by the adjacent landowner. Please notify the landowner that you wish to use the road and be aware of any farming operations in the area at the time. please visit the house.

20. Blind Road

Foot access is available from the road end via a farm track.

21. Rochfort Road

Access via double gates approximately 1km from the Kahuranaki Rd intersection. This is the top of the Wildlife Refuge. No dogs below here. This is fishing access only. Access with firearms is prohibited.

22. Kahuranaki Road

There are a number of access points along the road. Most landowners allow angler access as long as you ask first. Wildlife Refuge, no dogs.

23. Waimarama Road Bridge

Access via a gravel track on the true right, immediately upstream of the bridge. The track goes a short distance downstream. under the bridge. This is the bottom of the Wildlife Refuge, no dogs above here.

24. Waimarama Road (Smalls)

Access is via the cattle yards approximately 1km downstream of the Waimarama Road Bridge on Waimarama Road. There are rough vehicle tracks. Both up and downstream, and good walking access. This area has extensive reaches of papa bedrock that can be very slippery during the summer.

25. River Road

Hastings District Council Riverlands Park is at the end of the road. Lots of parking.

26. Moore Road

Off Tukituki Road approximately 7km from Haumoana. Walking access from the road end, up or downstream.

27. Tennant Road

Off Tukituki Road approximately 6km from Haumoana. Walking access from the road end. Good in early spring when whitebait are plentiful.

28. Mill Road (Blackbridge)

Walking access from both sides of the bridge. Vehicle access on the true right, downstream of the bridge via a shingle plant. Good in early spring when whitebait are abundant.

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