Pokaiwhenua Stream

A spring fed stream with its source in the exotic forest beyond Tokoroa, running past Putaruru into Lake Karapiro. The lower reaches, below the waterfall on the Putaruru-Arapuni Road, has a good spawning run of large trout from Lake Karapiro late in the season. Access can be obtained across farmland either via Putaruru-Arapuni Road, SH1, Horahora Road or from Hildreth Road. Above the falls a resident population of brown and rainbows provide good fishing with access available on the Putaruru-Arapuni Road and Waotu Road.

Little Waipa Stream

A large spring fed stream with an abundant trout population. Access is from either Putaruru-Arapuni, Pearson or the Old Taupo Roads. An extensive coverage of aquatic weeds and generally very clear water makes this a challenging stream to fish. Fishing methods are restricted to fly fishing only above the Horahora Road bridge.

Waihou River

The Waihou River arises from a series of large springs near Putaruru and flows across the Hauraki Plains to the Firth of Thames, some 160kms.

Most fishing is carried out in the upper reaches above Okoroire where the Waihou is very clear - classic dry fly waters. In this section of the Waihou, trout numbers are very high, mainly small fish though recent drift dive surveys have seen high numbers of large rainbow trout. Access is obtained from the Tirau/Putaruru Highway and off Whites Road, Putaruru.

Waiomou Stream

An upper tributary of the Waihou with about 20kms of fishable water. This is a popular river with a fairly high catch rate. Three tributaries of the Waiomou - the Omahine, Rapurapu and the Kakahu Streams offer good small stream fly fishing. The Kakahu Stream is artificial fly only.

Access is off the Rapurapu, Omahine and Waiomou Roads reached from either the Hamilton/Tauranga or Hamilton/Rotorua highways.

Waimakariri Stream

The Waimakariri is a large spring fed stream which flows north from the Kaimai Ranges to meet the Waihou River just south of the Okoroire Falls. This river is renowned for its high catch rate of relatively small trout, however, larger trout are present especially in the upper reaches. This stream is especially favored by the young and novice angler. Access is off the Tirau/Rotorua highway and Waimakariri Road.