The Murchison district offers everything from small feeder streams to the huge and impressive Buller River.

The Buller’s source is Lake Rotoiti, within the Nelson Lakes National Park, where it flows downstream to be joined by the Gowan River (outlet to Lake Rotoroa) and Owen River then by the Matakitaki, Mangles, Matiri and Maruia at the ‘four rivers plain’ near Murchison.

Important enough to warrant a National Water Conservation Order, this outstanding fishery attracts many anglers.  Didymo has significantly affected the fish population in the mainstem Buller, however the many tributary waters can provide outstanding fishing to large brown trout.

Nelson Lakes National Park

Lakes Rotoiti, Rotoroa and the Travers, Sabine and D’Urville Rivers provide superb wilderness fishing. DoC have provided good tracks, bridges and huts that anglers can utilize as well as water taxi services on both lakes. Trout numbers are good with flyfishing being the most productive in the clear waters. Trolling works well on the lakes at times.

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Lake Rotoiti Water Taxi

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