Areas can be closed to game bird hunting due to several reasons – public safety, amenity value, wildlife reserves and/or the presence of endangered species.

Awarua Bay

The following areas are closed to the hunting and / or killing of game birds:

Awarua Bay Area 1: Large bay and islands on the southwestern shoreline, including the area enclosed between:

  •  Tiwai Road Bridge at [E 1248802, N 4832281] following the sand spit East to [E 1250168, N 4832511];
  • From the end of the sand spit at [E 1250168, N 4832511] in a direct line for three kilometers to the South-East corner of the northern island at [E 1252809, N 4831336]; and
  • South-South East from the corner of the northern island at E 1252809, N 4831336] to the shoreline at [E 1253267, N 4830823]; and.
  • The shoreline at [E 1253267, N 4830823] to the Tiwai Road Bridge shoreline at [E 1248644, N 4831377].

Awarua Bay Area 2: The area enclosed between:

  • The South Eastern corner of Awarua Bay, from the shoreline at [E 1256498, N 4831534] to the shoreline at [E 1256504, N 4829700].

The following map identifies the boundaries of Areas 1 and 2.

Maps produced by the Department of Conservation, 2023.


New River Estuary (Oreti River Estuary)

Environment Southland has prohibited gamebird hunting in Area A, due to its close proximity to popular public recreational areas and would create an unacceptable risk to public safety.

In Areas B, C & D, gamebird hunting is a permitted activity. However, the construction of maimai in these areas is managed due to visual and amenity values.

Also note, Fish & Game has prohibited shooting from unmoored boats downstream of the Dunn’s Road bridge on the Oreti River. This is due to the high number of other river users in this area.

Adapted from Environment Southland, Regional Coastal Plan for Southland 2013. The full document can be found here.