Yes, you can spend up large on game bird hunting, but you can also do well with much more modest resources – and this is one of the great attractions of the sport.

The secret is not what you have, but how you use it - and this is a great ‘leveller’.

The key clothing requirements are protection from the weather and subdued colours. Camouflaged clothing helps, but is not essential, and hunters remain successful in subdued colours (green, brown, black, grey). Birds have colour vision and excellent eyesight, and are particularly good at picking up short wavelengths, so avoid blue colours!

Covering your face will improve your odds significantly, and face nets or camo paint are inexpensive items.

Above all, dress to keep warm and dry and focus on technique rather than gear!

Essential Gear
  • Licence
  • Gun and ammo
  • Warm and subdued coloured clothing
  • Small knife
Optional Gear
  • Decoys
  • Call
  • Dog and or boat
  • Camo clothing
  • Waders