The West Coast Fish & Game Region extends from Kahurangi Point, north of Karamea, to Awarua Point south of Haast.

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West Coast

West Coast

In between lies some 2m hectares, much of its wilderness. With the pressures of modern life, increasing numbers of anglers rate isolation, peace and solitude almost as highly as the opportunity to fish for wild trout. On the ‘Coast these attributes exist in abundance' along with a surprising diversity of angling opportunity.

While the Region offers abundant opportunities for specialist methods such as fly fishing for sighted trout, there are also excellent prospects for novice or intending anglers using bait or spinning gear.

Brown trout and Salmon occupy a diverse range of habitats between the mountains and the sea including lakes, rivers, spring fed river tributaries and estuaries. With almost 90% of the Region in public ownership barriers to access for anglers are, for the most part, dictated only by climate and terrain. In the case of waterways with private land adjoining, where there is no marked access, please ask at the nearest farm house.

The following guide, by necessity, is limited to more popular or accessible waters. It represents only a fraction of the region’s angling opportunities. A good West Coast Map is recommended for visitors intending to get the most from a fishing trip to the ‘Coast'.