Scattered throughout New Zealand are some very progressive schools whose students are learning about wetlands in a very hands-on way. Forward thinking teachers are encouraging their students to understand the value of wetlands, not only as wildlife habitat, but also as important places in social and ecological systems.

Wetland activities you can do at school

  • Collecting seed from local wetlands
  • Raising native plants in a school nursery
  • Planting out eco-sourced natives
  • Going on field trips with experts
  • Creating a mural showing foodwebs and biodiversity
  • Developing a play or theatre piece (swamp treasures) about wetland values
  • Staging a debate between different wetland users
  • Designing interpretational signage for a wetland walk.

For more information and ideas on Wetland Activities at School, please click on the following link to download our Wetland Activities PDF.