A major role of Fish & Game New Zealand is to protect the habitat of sports fish and game birds.

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Protecting NZ Fish & Waterways

Fish & Game New Zealand has a statutory duty to help protect the country's natural freshwater resources, which provide the habitat to support healthy fish populations…

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Protecting NZ Game Bird Habitats

New Zealand provides a wide range of game birds with suitable habitat, from rugged upland scrubland to lush wetlands filled with plant life.

Game Bird Habitat Trust
NZ Game Bird Habitat Trust

The New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust, established under the 1953 Wildlife Act, exists primarily to improve New Zealand game bird habitat and secondarily to improve…

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Maimai’s status in Natural Wetlands

Implementation of the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater (NES-FW) in August 2020 has affected game bird hunters by limiting what you can do to build and…

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National Position Statements

Because of our strong stance on the need to protect freshwater quality, crucial for sport fish and game bird habitat, as well as the right of…

This includes lobbying for appropriate environmental policies, developing and enhancing wetlands, providing advice, advocating for clean water and environmentally sustainable farming practices.

Another goal is to improve awareness of New Zealand’s outstanding but threatened freshwater resources. This work benefits anyone who values quality water and wetland environments, and the many species that live in these places.

We draw on a wide range of information sources, including the latest science and research, to manage recreational angling and hunting – and protect, maintain and enhance freshwater sports fish and game bird populations for future generations.

In this section you can read more about our work to protect the environment. It includes information on the role that anglers, hunters, landowners and everyone else can play.