Lakes Waihola and Waipori and their connected wetlands are the most extensive waterfowl habitat in Otago. Lake Waihola has traditionally drawn game bird hunters from far and wide. The 640ha lake hunts best in windy conditions. Permanent maimais are at the northern and south-western ends. The southern end can shoot well in a southerly where birds seek protection in the willows. After the opening weekend rush, there is always a vacant maimai to hunt from.

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Boat access is from a ramp behind the holiday park. At the northern end, the lake drains into the Waipori River, which connects to the Taieri River. The lake is very shallow and tidal flow brings in saline water. Navigating its shallow channels requires some caution and local knowledge especially in the dark. The lake is 6km long and has a mean depth of only 0.75 metres. Many areas have soft mud.